Sarah Beech Ottomans at 100% Design

Back in June I met the lovely textile designer @mairihelena and we chatted about our mutual love of interiors and the possibility of working together. Well, that happened @100%Design today. 


Sitting alongside all of Mairi's beautiful wallpapers, cushions and fabric is a Sarah Beech Ottoman in Summer Thistle velvet and I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the show.  We have chosen a teal wool lining which really pops out when you open the lid.  The stand was my first stop this morning and I was so happy to see and hear people excited about all of Mairi’s fabulous work.

My next stop was the talk on Future Trends in Design.  A popular talk every year by WGSN.  Today, Gemma Riberti guided us through what she saw as the trends for S/S 19.  If you’d like to know more, join WGSN’s mailing list to keep up to date with future trends. Here are a few snippets I picked up on:

  • Gemma identified that with all the disruption in our environment, both politically and environmentally, this will lead to feelings of chaos and a time of anxiety. This, in turn, will encourage suppliers to embrace this period as a time to be proactive. 
  • Big brands will need to Be True.  Consumers are much more educated and will not stand for those brands which say they are sustainably sourced but, when you dig deeper, you find this not to be the case. 
  • Design is growing up; it will be more about products built to last, using quality materials.  There will be more creative collaborations such as those already demonstrated by the likes of Ikea and Tom Dixon.
  • Technology will be used to dress the home and to facilitate individuality so that consumers who mix and match their own style and look can really personalise the end result.  At the same time, consumers will use technology in the pursuit of simpler living, recycling what we already have.
  • In our globalised world, the consumer is going to be looking to be more local whilst respecting heritage and world cultures. Textures are going to play a big role in this shift, as is light - blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor and mood making moments and spaces. 
  • The future is exciting as the “creativity and expression will be used as a weapon of change” against pressures to conform. 


Finally, here are a few lovely pieces I spotted whilst wandering through the great hall.